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a space specifically created for holding beneficial articles or blog posts, with thick partitions and also a major steel door etc. kluiskamer غُرْفَةٌ مَنيعَه трезор casa forte pancéřová komora der Tressoraum boksrum θησαυροφυλάκιοcámara acorazada varakamber اتاق خزانه holvi chambre forte חֶדֶר מְשוּרייָן सुदृढृ कक्ष, कोष कक्ष trezor páncélszoba ruangan besi öryggisgeymsla (digital camera blindata) 金庫室 귀중품 보관실 saugykla seifa telpa; glabātuve bilik besi kluishvelv skarbiec د خزانی کوټه casa forte cameră blindată комната-сейф pancierová komora trezor trezor kassa-, bankvalv ห้องที่สร้างอย่างแข็งแรงแน่นหนา kasa dairesi 保險庫 сховище قیمتی اشیا کو رکھنے کے لیے بنایا گیا خاص کمرہ phòng bọc sắt 保险库

Identifying the precise Web site site visitors can really feel much like an unending assignment. Ultimately, sifting People crucial Net prospective buyers and audiences from the enormous portions of men and women Discovering the world wide web, within the world, could arrive at be a substantial obstacle.

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Numerous armed forces installations are generally known as "forts", Despite the fact that they are not always fortified. Greater forts could possibly be termed "fortresses"; lesser types had been at the time generally known as "fortalices".

Roman forts and hill forts were being the key antecedents of castles in Europe, which emerged in the 9th century from the Carolingian Empire.

alcoholic liquors. alkoholiese drank مَشْروب كُحولي алкохолна напитка bebida alcoólica silný alkohol hochprozentiges Getränk alkoholisk drik οινοπνευματώδες ποτό bebida fuerte alkohoolne jook نوشيدني الكلي alkoholijuoma boisson forte מַשקֶה חָרִיף मदिरा, शराब alkoholno piće, žestica erős szeszes ital minuman keras sterkur drykkur superalcolico 酒類 주류, 증류수 alkoholinis gėrimas alkoholisks dzēriens minuman keras sterke drankbrennevin napój alkoholowy الکولی څښاک bebida alcoólica tărie крепкий напиток alkoholický nápoj močna pijača žestoko piće starka drycker เหล้า alköllü içki 烈性飲料(酒) спиртовий напій تیز شراب rượu mạnh 烈性饮料(酒)

This wiki is meant to assist with the comprehension of the game number of Stronghold. Incorporated is information regarding troopers, buildings, assets, and Tale. This wiki includes 540 content and it is growing.

Search engines are altering their search algorithms nearly every working day and steeping modifications may cause your site's ranks to plummet. Some weblink of You may have borne the brunt of algorithm modifications overnight. On the contrary, You should glance in the direction of the optimization of your web site by personnel fluent within the endeavor of Search engine marketing and various appropriate treatments.

acquiring perseverance. vasberade ذو عَزْمٍ قَوي решителен decidido rázný willensstark viljestærk; bestemt αποφασιστικόςresuelto, decidido tahtejõuline عزم راسخ päättäväinen résolu תָקִיף וִנמרָץ दृढ़ निश्चय odlučan, energičan határozott berkemauan keras einbeittur, viljasterkur deciso, risoluto きっぱりした 결연한 ryžtingas izlēmīgs; enerģisks berkemahuan keras vastberadenviljesterkzdecydowany ټینګه اراده decidido hotărât решительный rázny, rozhodný trdno odločen odlučan viljestark เด็ดเดี่ยว kararlı, azimli 意志堅強的 енергійний, розумний قوت ارادی رکھنے والا cứng cỏi, kiên quyết 意志坚强的

Here at Stronghold Business we stop trying most concentration to deliver convenient to use and interesting models of our consumer’s websites and we're honored in offering appealing and winning Internet Houses that support companies toward their brief and very long time objectives.

The at any time escalating energy, pace, and arrive at of artillery and air energy intended that almost any concentrate on that may be Situated may be wrecked, if adequate force had been massed from it. As such, the more means a defender devoted to reinforcing a fortification, the more fight ability that fortification justified being dedicated to destroying it, Should the fortification's destruction was demanded by an attacker's approach.

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Within an assault upon a stronghold in Bavaria when he was only 20-three several years previous, his right hand was shot away, but he was so considering the struggle that he did not notice it for a while.

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